In my business, some of my most transformational experiences have been conferences, retreats and masterminds. Getting together in person with like-minded women has such a powerful effect. Without groups like these I wouldn’t be where I am today. They’ve inspired me to transform my blog into a business, rebrand my social media consulting as InstaMistick, create an online course and now, share my expertise! (Spoiler alert: come hear me speak at Alt Summit in March! Keep reading for details).

One of the first major conferences that I attended was Alt Summit four years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah. That year I flew out with 4 of my business besties, we shared adjoining rooms, attended sessions together and stayed up until the wee hours inspiring each other to pursue our wildest business dreams.  

It was awesome!

Alt Summit Photos

I Keep Coming Back to Alt Summit

I’ve gone back to Alt Summit every year since then. It’s relocated to Palm Springs, and although my Pittsburgh crew no longer comes with me, it’s OK because I’ve formed relationships with tons of new people. I even took an 8-day vacation to Belize with a friend I met my first year at Alt!

I’m really excited to return to Alt this year because I feel like I’m really doing a lot of the things that I learned about in year’s past. Also, this year there’s an extended schedule and expanded guest list. This is going to be the biggest Alt ever!

Tori Mistick Speaker at Alt Summit

Hear Me + Joanna Gaines Speak at Alt Summit

This year the speaker line up includes Joanna Gaines, Joy Cho, Alison Faulkner and… Tori Mistick!  Is this a dream? Nope, it’s real life! I’m actually going to be speaking at two sessions!

First up is a workshop called Launch Your Empire. I’ll be sharing how I’ve grown Wear Wag Repeat from a niche blog into a multi-media brand.

Next, I’m part of a panel discussion called Sisters Beyond the Summit. Remember by Alt friend who I went to Belize with… well, her name is Dawn Laing and she came up with the idea for this session (she’s also a foster dog mom!). We’re going to be joined by Emily Vaca of Minnidip and Jess Rutherford of Sentimental Fools. Dawn and I just met Emily and Jess last year and we’re excited to share how connections at Alt can turn into so much more!

Alt Oasis Palm Springs Speaker Line up

Tickets for the conference are still available. If you haven’t bought your’s yet, get on that! Use promo code TORI at checkout to get $50 off, then I’ll see you poolside in Palm Springs!

The value you get out of Alt is worth so much more than the ticket price. Heck, the sponsor swag alone is worth it! But even better, you have a chance to talk face to face with those sponsors. You’ll meet other entrepreneurs who could become your next collaborator. And you get to do it all in sunny, beautiful Palm Springs. It’s already my favorite week of the year and it hasn’t even happened yet! 

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