I love helping brands – big and small – identify a strategic approach to build a beautiful and engaging Instagram account that turns followers into customers. I work one-on-one with creatives and solopreneuers, as well as consult with established brands, on how to utilize an image-driven platform to enhance their brand.

With nine years experience as a social media consultant, I have established the best ways to reach your customers and grow your brand online. Currently, I think the best place to do that is on Instagram. I created InstaMistick: Positively Engaging Instagram Strategy to share my expertise with you.

Instamistick Instagram Strategy

In the last two years I have immersed myself in Instagram and learned techniques that grew my account from less than 2,000 followers to currently over 26,000! I’ve compiled the most effective strategies that I picked up in my Best Practices Guide. This exclusive 17 page guide comes with both of my coaching packages. The best part? You get lifetime access so when I update the guide with new techniques and growth strategies you get them all!


1-on-1 Coaching Packages

Expert Management Packages

Do you identify with the coaching packages, but need an expert to run the show for you? Your Instagram account is a direct reflection of your business. Every post should take into consideration your branding strategy and marketing goals. With my expert management plans, I will manage your Instagram posts and grow a highly engaged following on your account.


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