One of the top questions I get about Instagram is, “How do I find good hashtags?”. Although it’s pretty unanimous that we all need to use them, I feel like there’s a lot of confusion about the purpose of hashtags. I struggled to figure them out until about a year and a half ago when I cracked the code!

In my InstaMistick system, I teach my clients that hashtags are not only a way to get them discovered by potential followers and customers, but they are also a way for them to find people who are passionate about their topic.

I can’t say it enough: social media is social! And your hashtag strategy should be a 2-way street. To grow my following, I have spent way more time interacting with others than I have spent publishing my own posts. It’s really important to step outside of your bubble to connect with other people. Not only have I used this strategy to grow my account to over 20,000 followers, but its helped me form business relationships and a support system of super fans for my brand.

How to Find Hashtags with Intention

To find quality hashtags it all comes down to intention. What is the goal of your account? Do you want to appeal to a local-only audience, draw attention from fashion bloggers or catch the eye of photography enthusiasts? Clearly define the purpose of your account and it will make it easier to find engaging hashtags. If you haven’t read my article about setting the focus of your brand on Instagram, please go back and check it out because it will help you set a strong foundation.

The Best Places To Look For Great Hashtags

Once you have your focus and your intention set, start your search for hashtags by looking at what accounts similar to your’s are using. When you find one that seems good, click on it and Instagram will recommend similar hashtags at the top of your screen. I always check to make sure that the other posts on that tag are all in line with my focus.

After you dig around and collect a strong list to use on your posts, I don’t just hit publish and walk away. I think it’s even more important to follow up on all those hashtags you’re using. Go like, comment or follow any posts and accounts that fit into your niche and who you’d like to form a relationship with.

That’s a start! Are you ready to take it to the next level? Get a free hashtag worksheet that I created just for you! With this worksheet there’s no limit to how many highly engaging hashtags you can discover! This Worksheet is only available to people who sign up, so click here and get on the list!