Instagrammable moments are all around us! But how do you capture it all and still manage to live in the moment? It can be really overwhelming to multitask going about your normal day while trying to make every moment picture perfect. Not to mention the toll it takes on your friends and relationships. Personally I feel like trying to capture every moment perfectly for Instagram turns into a super toxic cycle of feeling rushed, guilty and frazzled. 

How are you at balancing the ‘gram life with your real life?

I have developed a system to capture all of my Instagram moments the right way and balance it with my real life in a healthy way. It has a lot to do with planning and knowing how to identify what moments are on-brand for my account.

Balancing The ‘Gram Life With Your Real Life

Finding the balance can be hard, and training your eye to recognize on-brand Instagram moments takes time. But I’ve come up with an online workshop that’s going to show you how figure out what’s worth capturing, how to do it right and how to feel more positive about your experience on Instagram!

In this free workshop on April 25th you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify Instagrammable Moments + Capture Them The Right Way
  • Plan Your Feed with On-Brand Images
  • Stay Positive About Your Account’s Growth

I’ll also be sharing my secret to positive growth by diving into The Law of Attraction, a powerful mindset that changed how I approach my Instagram strategy. I know you’re going to love it!

If your friends, boyfriend and family are tired of you holding everything up just so you can get that perfect shot (you know you’ve done it!!), then do yourself a favor and join me on April 25th. Knowing when and where to get your perfect Instagram shots is not only going to improve your feed, but it’s going to have a positive impact on your real life!

Register below so you can join me on Wednesday, April 25 at 11am EST!

Register for a Free Instagram Workshop on Balancing the 'Gram Life with your Real Life

I only host online workshops a few times a year, so make sure that you sign up for this one! There will be some special InstaMistick bonuses just for people who are there live! I can’t wait to share a few surprises with you. See you at 11am EST on Wednesday, April 25th.