When I reflect on everything that I have in my life today thanks to Instagram it feels pretty magical. I know that might strike you as a funny thought, but since I put myself out there on the ‘gram and started to truly engage with people, things have kind of just fallen into place. My blog is hustling and bustling with sponsored content and a growing fan base, and in the last year I rebranded my entire social media consulting business to focus on Instagram.

I have so much more than just business success though. Instagram has introduced me to some amazing people. I have been telling my clients this for almost 10 years – social media is social. When you really put yourself out there you will discover how magically awesome it is to build relationships that grow into friendships and business partnerships.

Just last month I met a fellow blogger who’s cracked the code on Instagram just like I have. We immediately hit it off and now we’re teaming up to bring you a free webinar so you can discover some of the Insta magic that we’re obsessed with! Meet Lisa Stentvedt of Fjords and Beaches, she’s a travel blogger based in Norway who’s grown her Instagram account to over 25,000 followers.

Magic Instagram Workshop

Let’s all admit that it’s pretty magical for a girl in Pittsburgh and a girl in Norway to team up and co-host an Instagram workshop! There’s no denying… that’s pretty cool!

During this exclusive workshop you will learn the hidden features of Instagram Stories you should be using for growth, how to boost engagement by following hashtags (that’s a new feature in the last month!), plus 3 common mistakes you need to stop making on Instagram in order to grow. Trust me, we see thousands of people making these little mistakes so it’s worth tuning in just to learn about those!

The only way to learn all of this is to click here and enroll in the workshop.