2 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing with my Instagram strategy. I’d look at the experts in my area and wonder how they got to where they were. How they were growing their accounts, finding new business opportunities, living such wonderful lives, and able to achieve success through their Instagram account.

But then one day, I decided to stop looking at all those leaders…and become one myself.

At the time, I was struggling with getting my account in front of the people I wanted to discover me. I had no plan for my content and it was stressful to figure out what to post each day.

I felt trapped. Like I wouldn’t be able to create a highly engaged audience and build my brand into a household name.

But then things changed.

I found my stride. And I developed my own, powerful techniques to get ahead.

And doing so has helped me in numerous ways, like being able to partner with brands I’m passionate about, spread awareness for causes near to my heart, and turn my blog into a business. The best part is hearing from fans around the world who enjoy my posts!

But I didn’t want to keep this knowledge inside. I wanted others to have this same feeling. To know that they, too, are unstoppable.

So, I created the InstaMistick course, which is opening for enrollment on October 19th. (Get it… because my last name is Mistick!)

InstaMistick is designed to show you how to say goodbye to the time-suck and stress and grow a highly engaged audience of fans.

I’m hosting a live totally FREE workshop on October 19th to share some of my secrets and explain how the course will work. Click here to sign up!

Once you’re signed up, keep an eye on your inbox because there will also be some sweet limited-time bonuses for people who sign up for the course within the first 2 days!

For now, I want you to take a moment to think about something that’s been holding you back — maybe it’s a feeling of imposter syndrome or the overwhelm of tackling IG like a total boss.

Imagine what it would feel like to bust the ceiling on those limitations and finally have a highly engaged fan base that looks forward to seeing your posts and getting more involved with your business.

It’s possible, and I’m excited to show you how!