8 Things You Can Do To Grow Your Instagram Account. 20 Growth Hacks To Get More Followers This Year. The Best Time To Post on Instagram in 2019. How to Use Stories to Sell More Products.

I’ve clicked on dozens of posts with titles like that because I want more followers and more likes just as much as you do. As an Instagram expert I consider it my responsibility to read all of those posts in case they contain some secret to success that I don’t already know about. But you know what they all have in common?

All of those articles contain general advice that’s good in general.

But if you really want to grow your own account, general advice will only take you so far. What works for one person won’t always work for you. You need personalized advice designed just for you, your account and your business.

Articles like that also don’t always tell you how to implement their advice. One of the most common tips to grow your account is to “engage more.” And that’s totally true! I tell all of my clients to do that. But from the beginning, many of my clients told me they didn’t really know what that means. So I lay it out in super-specific steps and tasks so they can actually engage in a way that will bring engagement back to their own account. That’s the goal after all! 

Instagram Coaching Can Grow Your Account

In my Instagram coaching packages I do a personalized audit of your account to see what you’re doing now and where you can improve. I also look at your website and other social media for clues to how you could be using Instagram better. Once I have a lot of strategy recommendations designed just for you we hop on a coaching call where you can pick my brain about all of your burning Instagram questions. 

I’ve always believed you can’t reach your goals if you don’t know what they are. So we’ll work together to identify what your goals are for Instagram and the strategy I come up with for you will be designed specifically to help you reach those goals. 

Start The Year with A Custom Instagram Strategy

To help you start the year with a custom Instagram Strategy I’m offering a sale like I’ve never done before. I’m giving you HALF OFF COACHING through January 31st! Why am I doing this? Because at this time of year there seems to be an explosion of all those articles I mention at the top of this post. I know you’re clicking on them, and I want to give you a chance to do something more productive.

To take advantage of this 50% off sale purchase a Starter, Strategy or Influencer Package and use code “JANUARY” at checkout. With each coaching package you’ll also get access to my signature online course and private Facebook community so you can continue to learn long after our 1-on-1 calls are over. 

I’m perform all the account audits and coaching calls for the sale packages by February 28, 2019 so you’ll be getting almost instant satisfaction! If you have any questions, just email me tori [at] torimistick.com or drop me a DM on Instagram.


How Instagram Coaching Can Grow Your Account