Instagram is constantly changing and updating, so it can be hard to stay on top of it all while trying to grow your account and boost engagement. Stories were just release last year and they are already one of the most popular features of the app. In 2017 Instagram told the New York Times that “200 million people a day were using its Stories feature, which is more users than all of Snapchat (160 million at last count).”

Participation in Stories is growing fast and they have already undergone major renovations! Instagram has added new face filters, novelty seasonal stickers and video effects. Up until recently all these cool, creative stories would disappear in 24 hours. But then they came out with Highlights, a new feature that allows you to feature specific stories on your profile permanently (or until you decide to change them). If you’re not using Highlights yet, then you are missing out on valuable real estate in your bio!

Tutorial: How To Create Beautiful Instagram Highlights

How To Use Instagram Highlights For Your Business

Stories Highlights are a great way to pick and choose your best Stories content to enhance what already exists in your bio. Many bloggers are utilizing swipe up links to highlight their favorite shoppable products.  When combined with affiliate links (and proper FTC disclosures, of course!) this can be a great way to make some extra money from your Instagram account.

If you have a business, your can use Highlights to feature your newest products or draw attention to upcoming events on your calendar. In the past, businesses on Instagram had to rely on the link in their profile as the only place to share more in depth details. But now with Highlights, your are able to share more depth and detail about what your have going on without making users to leave the app.

Highlights are also a great place to introduce yourself or your team. Record short “about me” style videos so new followers can get to know your personality as soon as they discover you. Video is so much more powerful than still photos at allowing followers to feel like they know you.

As with any other social media content, you will get more out of it if you have a strategy and know how to use the tool. I created a video tutorial that walks you through exactly how to create highlights with beautiful covers and engaging content!

Extend The Life of Your Stories

In this video tutorial I walk you through several ways to add amazing content to your highlights. Watch as I add content, create a cover and even add brand new stories to the Highlight in real time. You’ll also catch some crafty Stories Hacks if you watch closely!

Submit your info below and you’ll be automatically redirected to the tutorial video. Easy as that! If you have any follow up questions, or want to see examples of great looking Highlights you can find me on Instagram @InstaMistick.